About this book

In March 2019, Karien Bezuidenhout, Sean Bonner, Kathi Fletcher, Jason Hudson, Adam Hyde, Chris McGivern, Helen Turvey and Jesse von Doom spent a week locked away in a tumble-down sixteenth century farmhouse at the edge of the Surrey Hills called Ridge Farm: a former residential recording studio famed for hosting Oasis, Pearl Jam, Queen, Ozzy Ozbourne, The Smiths, Echo & The Bunnymen, Goldie and countless others.

The group had come together to think about the future of philanthropy, the power of Open, and how these combined can change the world. This book – which explores and documents the philosophy, motivation and learning behind the Shuttleworth Foundation and its fellowship community – is the result.

Barbara Rühling facilitated the Book Sprint, and Fenella Smith cooked delicious food, which kept us going. Matt Reasons organised the travel that brought us all together and delivered us home safely. Cover design by Sean Bonner and copy editing by Raewyn Whyte and Helen Kilbey. Previous works by Andrew Rens and Arthur Attwell have also been included. All photos were taken by Sean Bonner and Jason Hudson.

This book is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike licence.