05 Through open

Philosophically and practically, we default to Open. We subscribe to the Open Definition – where data or content is regarded as open if anyone is free to use, reuse and redistribute it, or combine it with different materials.

This inspires us to be open to collaboration and contributions from outside our immediate group, inviting many to reuse our processes and make them better. Combining openly licensed intellectual property with open practices enables and encourages others to experiment in their own environments – to localise, contextualise, translate, adapt and spread the tools and methodologies we develop well beyond our own reach or imagination.

We understand that neither does every piece of content in the world have to be openly licensed, nor does every process have to be collaborative. But we choose to stand closest to extreme openness. We serve as a counterbalance to the prevailing default of “completely closed”, and push for and establish new norms. We also exist as an example of the power of openness in the philanthropic world.