Anasuya Sengupta

Expanding human knowledge online

Anasuya Sengupta

Project: Whose Knowledge?

The goal of this project is to re-imagine and reconstruct the Internet to represent and benefit all.

“One of the many issues we ask folks to remember as we work on @WhoseKnowledge is made visible and vocal in the world, and how you design/code for it. Not speaking English doesn't mean we're stupid, it means we speak one of the other 7000 languages of the majority of the world.”

The Big Idea

Re-imagining the internet is Anasuya’s way of re-imagining the world. She is deeply passionate about and committed to this cause. She is also well versed in both collaborative knowledge creation and community engagement.

Having experienced both the best and worst of attempts at expanding online representation, she is undertaking Whose Knowledge?, an initiative to drive inclusiveness and diversity in public knowledge online.

Why We Funded

We support Anasuya because we recognise that information and knowledge are produced through dynamics of power and privilege: whose knowledge is amplified, is based on whose voice is represented. This makes for a very specific perspective on “objective reality”.

Anasuya is the ideal champion for this cause, and has the potential to succeed in increasing the diversity of online content during her Fellowship. Our hope is that there will be broader acceptance of, and an eagerness to invite such contributions, by knowledge initiatives more generally over time.

Anasuya’s work focuses on:

  • Representing and promoting the knowledge of marginalized voices
  • Fighting for broad acceptance of knowledge initiatives
  • Re-imaging the Internet as open, diverse and inclusive to the benefit of all

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