Jenny Molloy

Building an open and sustainable bioeconomy

Jenny Molloy

Project: Jenny Molloy

The goal of this project is to explore an open framework for an equitable bioeconomy.

“Some policy take-aways from #GBS2018 session on transformative sci & comm for the bioeconomy include: make technology to a wide pool of developers and find new ways to commercialise publicly-funded research. 'Ensure fair & free access to tech' +1! #openscience”

The Big Idea

Jenny Molloy is a molecular biologist and champion of open science. Her work focuses on the creation of an open and sustainable bioeconomy for the public good, where research, tools and systems are accessible to all, rather than locked behind proprietary models and closed systems.

Jenny will increase participation and innovation by researchers, communities and companies from under-resourced areas, and challenge the current narrative in biotechnology that promotes profit maximisation and patent protection.

Why We Funded

Biology can learn much from hardware, and Jenny demonstrates keen comprehension of both worlds. She is intensely motivated and well-positioned to think through the many challenges that lie ahead.

Jenny receives full support from the Shuttleworth Foundation, and we believe she has the potential to shape a better future, where innovators and labs can control their own bioeconomy, rather than being reliant upon Western IP, infrastructure and supply chains.

Jenny’s work focuses on:

  • Exploring how openness can create a more equitable distribution of biotechnology.
  • Encouraging policymakers to build open thinking into their innovation policies
  • Solving real world distributional problems to help grassroots scientists get the tools they need

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