Luka Mustafa

Delivering last mile access

“We've deployed #KORUZA units between buildings at 180m distance, pushing it beyond the design limit. #FSO”

The Big Idea

Luka is exploring a novel solution to this problem that affects countries in both the developed and developing worlds. He is developing Koruza, a 3D printable wireless optical system for connecting buildings up to 100m apart with internet access, as a viable, fast and low-cost alternative to fibre in urban environments.

The objective is to empower individuals to take last-mile connectivity in their own hands and mitigate network bottlenecks through organic growth of wireless optical networks.

Why We Funded

We support Luka because we are interested in the process of taking off the shelf hardware, 3D printing some open components and making something new, useful and innovative.

This is not new technology, but a new way of using that technology. To date, it has been either impossible to access or too expensive to buy as an end user. We hope Luka’s ideas will go a long way to changing the current landscape.

Luka’s work focuses on:

  • Creating low-cost wireless optical networks for connecting last-mile Internet access
  • Empowering individuals and communities to solve their own local network problems
  • Developing open documentation processes to contribute to the open hardware movement

Flash Grants

Urs Gaudenz
Ryan Matthew Jenks
Goran Mahovlic
JP Meijers
Edwin Eefting
Thomas Pointhuber
Dipesh Khanal
Valent Turković
Taja Topolovec