Welcome Peter Bloom

by SF Team, 26 August 2014

We are happy to announce that Peter Bloom will be joining the Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship Programme as part of the September 2014 intake.

Through Rhizomatica, Peter is setting up affordable local mobile phone networks in under-served areas in Mexico.

We have invested in telecommunication initiatives before, as communication is absolutely key to be part of society as we know it. As long as you are not connected to the global communication network, you are excluded from participating in human development beyond the limitations of time and distance.

Access to telecommunication is a matter of cost, infrastructure, hardware and policy. Through our investments so far we have learnt a lot about cost and hardware. We are particularly interested in and excited about how Peter is addressing all four in a way that removes practical and policy barriers. We hope to see his approach develop into a sustainable, replicable model.

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