Download our legal templates

by SF Team, 6 February 2015

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Created by Alan Levine (CC BY-SA 2.0)

We believe making these resources available for use, reuse, remix and redistribution extends reach and creates the opportunity for further innovation.

Since 2007 we have required Fellows to apply open licences - first CC-BY-SA and then CC-BY - to all intellectual property created during the fellowship.

The same principle applies to works produced within the Foundation. Openly licensed resources are only as useful as the number of people who can access to them, so now we are eating our own dogfood and making our Fellowship Agreement and Project Agreement available on GitHub.

These agreement outlines are the most recent in a series of iterations based on our experiences over time. The process was led by Open Counsel, Andrew Rens, who has an amazing aptitude for converting real world vision into legal language. We have tried to optimise the agreements to reflect the essence of our Fellowship, including a firm commitment to openness.

We are releasing these under CC-BY. Other document templates will follow as part of our contribution to the pool of online reference works. It is our hope that this will give you some insight into how we work and that you might share yours as well, increasing that pool and allowing us to learn from your experiences.

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