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by SF Team, 14 September 2017

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Created by Rachel Tanugi Ribas (CC BY 2.0)

This is not an easy Fellowship to get, the process may be simple, but the competition is stiff. Approximately 1% of applicants are offered a fellowship.

The personal investment you have to make in contemplating this fellowship is substantial - you have to really, honestly and purposefully think through what your contribution to positive social change will be and that is tough. However, it could be the first step towards realising your big vision.

We have structured the application in a way that helps you build a narrative, from the problem statement to your specific approach, with enough free form to allow you to express yourself. We are not looking for “correct” answers, we are looking for your answers. Typing up your responses to the questions, making a video and uploading your resume is all it takes. Applications are private, which adds to it being low risk. And you will know where you stand within 4 weeks of the close date.

The video is not the enemy. We are not looking for a production quality promotional video. We want to get a sense of who you are and what you are setting out to do. That can be done successfully through a mobile phone video recording of your talking head.

Our hope is that this application process helps you organise and articulate your thoughts in a way that is useful beyond this application, enabling you to express your idea with clarity that inspires momentum and gathers support.

Although thoughtfulness is required, the actual investment of time and effort necessary to apply is tiny given the possibility of actually getting offered a fellowship. There is only a 1% chance you will get it if you apply, but a 100% chance you won’t if you don’t. The odds are in your favour, if you take the leap.

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