Shari Steele: Honorary steward September 2018

by SF Team, 26 June 2018

We are thrilled and excited to announce Shari Steele as our next Honorary Steward.

Shari is a respected advocate for the Internet freedom movement and served as executive director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and The Tor Project. She brings decades of experience in a breadth of fields including law, education and business, and has a keen understanding of nonprofit operations and foundation-level funding.

Openness is central to the Foundation’s philosophy and integral to our funding policy. But without Internet freedom, security and privacy, much of the work we support would not be possible.

We choose Shari as our Honorary Steward because she is a veteran in the fight for freedom online that underpins many of our Fellows’ projects, and because she brings a fresh, unique perspective to our candidate selection process.

Shari Steele: “I am delighted to be working with the Shuttleworth Foundation to help select the most interesting projects for this round of fellowships.

“I’m a huge fan of disruptive innovation, and I’m excited to get started learning about some of the great new ideas being proposed by this group of applicants.”

We look forward to working with Shari and learning from her knowledge and experience of fighting for civil liberties, building NGOs and advocating for social change.

Our experiment in the world is an ever-evolving journey, and we are delighted to have Shari on board to guide us on our search for new candidates with open, innovative ideas that will have a positive impact on the world.

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