Welcome Cecília, Delphine and Zo!

by Chris McGivern & SF Team, 1 March 2021

Congratulations and welcome to Cecília Olliveira, Delphine Halgand-Mishra and Uzoma Orchingwa, the new Shuttleworth Fellows for our March 2021 intake.

Anil Dash, our Honorary Steward for this round, selected a trio of outstanding individuals from a shortlist full of compelling candidates and ideas.

Anil is CEO of Glitch and an entrepreneur and writer who works to ensure technology transforms society for the better and serves those who are most vulnerable. His selections are very much in spirit with these aims. Cecília, Delphine and Uzoma are illuminating defective, self-defeating characteristics in the world’s justice systems and have the potential to progress their innovative ideas to create a fairer, more civil society. Thank you Anil, for bringing your wealth of experience, insight and thoughtfulness to our process.

Cecilia is challenging dysfunctional justice and destructive narratives around gun violence in Brazil. She is protecting citizens and communities with Fogo Cruzado, a collaborative platform using community-driven, open data to indicate incidents of armed violence in real time, create accountability, and build a more just society. Read more

Delphine seeks information justice for whistleblowers and society with The Signals Network. She is navigating the opaque legal frameworks surrounding whistleblowing disclosure and unblocking the flow of information to increase public knowledge of wrongdoing. Read more

Uzoma is remedying a total malfunction of the U.S. criminal justice system that leads to mass incarceration. He is starting by decoupling incarceration from profit in a system failing to rehabilitate and allowing a predatory prison communications duopoly to flourish. With Ameelio, he is expanding a suite of communication tools to enable supportive contact and prevent families of the incarcerated falling into debt. Read more

To Cecília, Delphine and Uzoma, the Foundation and fellowship community welcomes you and looks forward to sharing stories, experiences and advice from the frontlines of social innovation.

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